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SLIM's solutions for household appliances

The household appliance sector is one of the first application sectors in which SLIM Srl started to operate. The company has been supplying the civil lighting and domestic appliance sectors since its establishment in 1973. In almost 50 years of experience, SLIM has assisted and participated in the evolution of the household appliance, introducing innovations in light signalling components that can be integrated into products with a sophisticated design.

What are SLIM's solutions for the household appliance sector?

Let's find out together. More specifically, in this article we will discuss:

What are the trends in large and small household appliances for 2022?
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SLIM: customised lighting solutions for household appliances

As the last edition of EuroCucina revealed, the way of living in the home has changed: great attention has been paid to the design of domestic spaces, especially with reference to the kitchen and living areas. Today, the focus is on optimising space, without sacrificing technological and design elements with high-quality materials. In this context, the choice of the appliance that can give "that extra touch" in an increasingly hybrid environment, in which the kitchen merges with the living room, is also part of the picture. In fact, design and the aesthetic component, as well as functionality, are now fundamental variables in the choice of purchasing household appliances, which have now become integral elements of furnishing solutions.

Elettrodomestici da cucina

As previously mentioned, our society is changing, and the approach to design and new product development is also constantly changing. The search for detail and attention to style, for the enhancement of the appliance, are experiencing increased attention. Precisely for this reason, we at SLIM are also constantly searching for new systems to adequately illuminate surfaces with complex geometry and increasingly restricted spaces.
Today, every light source must be designed to combine harmoniously with the design of the appliance and provide added value, which contributes to the high quality of the finished product. Signalling-oriented electronics combines the experience and know-how we have gained in the development and realisation of the light source with the integration of electronic components, such as the printed circuit board, allowing us to create unique forms of light signalling.

SLIM's lighting solutions for household appliances include light profiles with SMD LED circuits, an aesthetic signalling solution for the knobs of ovens, hobs or washing machines. Following the trend for clean and essential aesthetics, backlit profiles with a fibre optic source are eye-catching details, suitable for extractor hoods and hobs. On the other hand, for more functional signalling, in which light must play a starring role, LED micro-spotlights are the ideal product: new lighting systems to add value in terms of design and efficiency to appliances and devices in the food equipment sector.

Whether we are talking about hobs, ovens, hoods, fridges, dishwashers or a small appliance, we at SLIM are on hand to create the lighting solution you desire.


The ILVE case: professional hobs for domestic use

Today, by virtue of improved product design, appliance companies are all looking for different, unique signalling. The theme of customising products through details that make them distinctive is central to those who make new household appliances.

Speaking of technology and customisation for high-performance household appliances, one of the latest successful collaborations is the one with ILVE for the backlighting of oven and hob knobs in the Panoramagic line.

ILVE Panoramagic

The request from ILVE and the designers of the Emo Design studio led us to develop an initial printed circuit board with high-performance LEDs, which would emit a homogenous red light in an ad-hoc shade. We then developed a light guide with a customised ring, the geometry of which was studied in relation to the available space, the components to be inserted and the type of polymer to be used.
The end result was a backlighting solution that switches on when the oven or the burners are turned on.


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