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Home cooking system: Panoramagic - ILVE's innovation spirit

ILVE, an Italian world-class brand in the production of professional cooking systems for home, has created Panoramagic, a line that includes blocks, hobs and ovens, designed by Emo Design. Panoramagic is an icon in the sector, whose restyling was awarded with the Good Design Award in 2017.

ILVE's Panoramagic and the collaboration with SLIM

Panoramagic is the free-standing model that has revolutionized the panorama of home cooking systems. Today, this icon of Italian style and technology has been renewed to continue to fascinate: its new look is the result of the collaboration with SLIM.

Cooking system

The back-lighting solution for the knobs of the ovens and of the hob adopted for Panoramagic, which light up when the oven or the burners are switched on, did not meet ILVE's expectations in terms of attention to detail. The company's painstaking attention to details ensures that its collections are performing, versatile and reliable. Specifically, the following criticalities were highlighted:

  • difficulty in positioning the back-lighting solution;
  • the light was not conveyed inside a support and the diffusion was uneven.
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SLIM's solution for ILVE's Panoramagic

Thanks to the mutual trust established over time with our technical research and development staff, ILVE's staff submitted the problem to us, trusting in a proactive collaboration .
We worked side by side to identify a solution that could represent an improvement both in terms of efficiency and aesthetics as well as be environmentally friendly, in line with ILVE's vision and philosophy.

Panoramagic oven

We therefore created a first printed circuit with high-performance LEDs that facilitated assembly and emitted a homogeneous light in a specially designed shade of red following the indications given by Emo Design. We then developed a customized light guide and a ring nut, whose geometries were engineered in relation to the space available, the components to be inserted and the type of polymer to be used: the printed circuit found a tailor-made housing inside the ring and the cables had a dedicated output. The study was conducted in collaboration with the manufacturer of the moulds, so that all the variables involved could be taken into consideration.
The realization of a pre-series fully satisfied ILVE: the technical reliability parameters, the use of noble materials and the aesthetic design met the company's expectations.

In the last phase, the opal colour of the light guide was assessed (with the light on and off), in contrast with the colour of the inclined dashboard: ILVE was fully satisfied with the final result.

Now, Panoramagic professional cooking systems for home are ready to be ignited with renewed splendour!


In developing the backlighting system for the Panoramagic knobs, we asked SLIM for solutions capable of communicating two aspects that we consider to be strategic: perceived value and performance.
In the first case, the result has a remarkable scenic impact and faithfully reflects what the designers had defined in terms of chromatic tone of light and colour temperature. 
For the second aspect, the use of LED technology and the custom solutions adopted by SLIM guarantee the perfect alignment of these components with the total quality that characterizes Panoramagic.

Dott. Gianluigi Freschi, CEO e General Manager di ILVE 

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