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Light profiles: what are they?

The current trends in interior design towards minimalism and sustainability call for a rethink of the lighting components that are part of a product. Whether it concerns household appliances, switches, plates or professional catering equipment, each brand seeks to enhance its equipment by finding an aesthetic detail that becomes its distinguishing feature. In this context, lighting can play a fundamental role. In particular, light profiles are ideal for adding personality to product design.

Light profiles are non-invasive light line solutions that allow you to bring lighting to any point, enhancing the volumes of the object in which you want to insert them.

Our daily challenge is to devise and develop the most suitable case and lighting fixture that can overcome any installation obstacle that may arise.

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The main types of light profiles

In order to propose a solution that is as close as possible to the desired product concept, an in-depth study is carried out to determine the most suitable light source to create the light profile.
The R&D department carefully analyses the technical and aesthetic requirements and then provides a proposal to its customer. Below are the main types of light sources for creating light profiles.

Light profiles

LED Strip

Profiles using LED strips are made up of a resistant support, generally, aluminium, in which the LED light strip of various colours and power is housed. The use of an RGB or RGBW LED allows the profile to be given different colour tones thanks to the combination of Red, Green and Blue (and White for RGBW). The choice of such a system is made with a view to achieving an aesthetically appealing and at the same time functional result. It is possible to change the colour of the light profile based on the operating status of the device.
In line with the trend towards sustainable lighting, this type is also chosen for its low energy consumption and the long life of the source, averaging 50,000 hours.

Optical fibre

If you are looking for original and surprising lighting effects, you can turn to optical fibre. In line with the minimalist lighting trend, we find light profiles with optical fibre; ideal for bringing life to household appliances, professional coffee machines or other devices in which the design of the light adds distinctive character to the product.
The side-emitting light optic fibre consists of a semi-transparent sheath with micro-cracks through which light is dispersed. The intensity and dispersion can be adjusted according to the position and number of micro-cracks, and the type of sheath chosen for the fibre coating.
The advantages of this solution include, above all, impermeability and the absence of heating of the source. Optical fibre has no limitations in terms of application as its degree of waterproofing means that it can also be used on devices in direct contact with water. Another advantage is the homogeneous light emission with no light spots.


PCB Custom

In the case of more "complex" requirements for light profiles, both in terms of installation type and size, it is possible to opt for the creation of customised PCBs.
In this case, the light source is made up of SMD LEDs mounted on a customised PCB, designed and created specifically taking into account the size of the device available. Designing the light profile appropriately allows the surface recesses to be enhanced, giving a touch of originality to the final result. An example of a custom light profile is the recent case made for ILVE, it is the backlighting of the knobs of the professional ovens of the Panoramagic line. Discover all the details here: Home cooking system: the spirit of innovation of ILVE Panoramagic.


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SLIM light profiles

SLIM offers tailor-made designs to meet the specific needs of each customer. One of the most frequent requests for a customised solution is backlighting with light profiles.
At an early stage of the collaboration, it will be necessary to report on the light efficiency, the desired aesthetic effect and the application space. We provide the latest technology, both in terms of light sources and production machinery, to give the customer free rein for creativity. The technical department will give light to your ideas and create unique lighting profiles with competence and professionalism.


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