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The HVAC sector: from here to the future

HoReCa, Household appliance and HVAC are some of the application sectors in which SLIM has been operating alongside numerous companies for more than 45 years, for the production of light signalling.
Within the HVAC sector, the demand for lighting components is based on safe and quality solutions formulated according to technical specifications for light intensity, temperature resistance and an adequate degree of shock resistance.

In recent years, the industry has changed a lot and, as a result, manufacturers will have to introduce some changes in the design and manufacture of HVAC systems that meet the new global requirements.

But what do we mean by HVAC? And what's new in the development of HVAC systems? Let's find out in this article.

What trends will shape the HVAC sector? Click on the link below and download the free infographic to discover the development drivers of new heating and air conditioning systems.



The meaning of the acronym HVAC

HVAC is an English acronym for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. The acronym refers collectively to the systems, installations and technologies used to provide heating, air conditioning and room ventilation.
This term includes all the solutions for regulating and controlling thermal comfort: from domestic or office air conditioners to large systems used in industrial complexes and tertiary buildings. In general, HVAC covers the entire management and treatment of a building's air so that it is completely healthy and safe.

Today, the design of a quality HVAC solution is based on the integration of the most advanced technologies to optimise the performance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The implementation of these systems is done to ensure energy savings (link to HVAC and energy savings article) and operational efficiency, thus reducing the impact on the environment.
This is a very important industry worldwide, which is continuously growing and expanding, especially in China and Eastern Europe.

SLIM currently operates within the HVAC sector for the development of standard light indicators and switches for thermal control and water heating applications such as boilers, water heaters, chronothermostats, thermostats and temperature controllers, especially for the domestic segment. The lighting solution range is mainly used in this application sector as a functional signalling system, but in recent times it has also been directed towards purely aesthetic purposes, through the creation of customised proposals.


HVAC systems: what is the latest news?

The HVAC sector is slowly emerging from a post-pandemic scenario that has helped to reshape the balance and priorities for manufacturers in the sector. The changes of recent years have generated new expectations and demands, especially for the consumer.
The current evolution of the market and the increasing focus on microclimatic comfort, in consideration of a lower environmental impact, have made companies in the industry invest more in research and development of high-efficiency HVAC solutions. In this regard, some manufacturers in the industry have managed to turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity to innovate their business by pushing the boundaries of environmental comfort, energy-saving and sustainability. Smart solutions, high-tech products and automated HVAC systems have increased.
Some leading companies in the field of regulation and control, such as Fantini Cosmi and Thermowatt, are an example of this, moving towards the development of increasingly advanced solutions.

smart HVAC

The near future sees new horizons for the HVAC sector, with balances dictated by the adoption of renewable energies, new automation technologies, new production materials and the evolution of a sustainable proposal and design.


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