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Customer service and SLIM: the customer at the centre

For 50 years (this year we are happily celebrating this important milestone), SLIM's corporate strategy has centred on the ability to create and nurture long-term relationships with various stakeholders, who then become our established partners in the 'mission' of bringing innovative lighting solutions to the domestic and foreign markets. To build a collaborative and fruitful relationship, it is essential to understand the customer's needs and assist them at every stage: from design to after-sales. With this in mind, our dedicated customer service personnel play a crucial role. 

Service quality and operational efficiency over time are the basis of our customer service: an essential area of the production structure and in this article we explain why.

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What is customer service

Customer service is the totality of all services designed to support the customer before, during and after the purchase of a product. The assistance provided to the customer takes the form of multiple actions of a commercial, technical, communication/marketing, logistical and administrative nature: e.g. providing technical explanations and insights, product information, managing shipments, solving problems and inconveniences with accurate complaint handling.

One often associates the term customer service with customer care, a noun that focuses on the concept of 'careful attention' and 'special regard' for one's customers. It is, therefore, a set of activities that a company makes available to its customers, potential and existing, so that they are satisfied not only with the products offered, but, in general, with the service provided. Accurate, prompt and helpful customer service is the basis of customer satisfaction and requires competent staff who are prepared to respond clearly and effectively.

customer care

Customer service at SLIM

Customer service, for us at SLIM, means supporting customers on a daily basis, providing them with continuous assistance, even and especially in urgent and emergency situations. The customers are s a genuine value, therefore, providing them with adequate assistance is a paramount objective. We follow our customers competently and cordially from the first contact, with the aim of establishing a long-standing partnership over time. As SLIM is an SME in industrial production, our customer service takes the form of a small team of experienced and qualified personnel, who provide support for both requests from the Italian and foreign markets. Customers can interface with a multilingual customer service (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German).

From making contact with enquiries about products and services, to the operational handling of the order, we strive to anticipate requests, including through a high degree of problem solving orientation.

Customer service, also with the support of external consultants and associations qualified for specific topics such as A.P.I. (Association of Small and Medium-Sized Industries), A.I.C.E. (Italian Association of Foreign Trade), PROMOS Italy, La Rete LombardiaPoint, proactively deals with the management of customs paperwork, new technical and commercial regulatory requirements depending on the country of destination (e.g. packaging regulations, export methods). This is particularly true for the complex and articulated foreign market, where specific requests require our timely support and feedback.

We address and solve critical issues, supporting customers worldwide, both in the development of customised solutions and in the supply of standard products thanks to a dedicated in-house R&D team. Our added value lies in rapid response times (within 48 hours), a customised approach, and a predisposition to 'close' collaboration with customers to provide rapid and qualified answers, also and above all from a technical point of view, since the light signal is a product that fits into a device such as an electrical panel or the wiring of a household appliance.

It is a real continuous assistance, a guarantee of reliability.


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