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SLIM Srl: 50 years of light signalling products

12 July 2023 marked a very important occasion for SLIM: we are proudly celebrating our 50th anniversary. Over the past 50 years, we have specialised in the production of high-quality light signalling products and lighting components for the HoReCa sector and professional coffee machines, the food equipment industry, household appliances, lighting technology and HVAC-R.

Founded in 1973 by six partners, SLIM began its journey as a small company. Thanks to passion, commitment and the quest for innovation as a guiding value, SLIM has developed into an established player in the industrial B2B sector for light signalling products. Over the years, the range of products and services has expanded, while maintaining a strict focus on quality and customisation of the solutions offered to our customers.

In this article, we retrace the milestones in the history of SLIM and those who contributed to the achievement of this important occasion.

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The history of SLIM 

Initially, the core business of our company was based on the production and marketing of micro-lamps, a versatile component that still has many applications in the fields of small and large household appliances and residential lighting systems.

In 1974, it was decided to move from the production of the lamp alone to a broader range of products, culminating in the complete light indicator, consisting in its essential parts of support, lens and terminals.

The early years involved a series of challenging moments, from downsizing the company management to opening the business to foreign markets.

Thus, in the late 1970s, SLIM participated in the first trade fairs in Italy and abroad (Intel in Milan, Domotechnika and Hannover Messe in Germany). In the 1990s, it opened even more to non-European markets: SLIM's international scope became increasingly structured and articulated with various players in the sector.

Backed by a well-established sales network in Italy and abroad, and attentive to market innovations, LED technology began to be integrated into the production of light indicators in 2000. This was followed by the uncertain years of the 2008 - 2009 financial crisis during which, thanks to a solid structure and production flexibility, SLIM managed to maintain and sustain the business, with an eye always to the future for the production of new lighting components.

It was in the years 2015-2018 that a radical change in the core business took place. The company opened up to new technologies for light signalling design, including the optical fibre side-emitting light and the integration of high-efficiencySMD LEDS.

The evolution of the company does not only take place at the level of supplied products, but follows change imposed by digitisation. From 2020 onwards, a process of industrial automation was initiated with the installation of 4.0 machines that are integrated into sustainable ways of working.


SLIM: looking to the future

After more than 50 years, the Brianza-based company is now in its second generation with Raffaella Zambellini (Co-Managing Director) and Matteo Cattani (Co-Managing Director and R&D Manager), a guarantee of continuity and entrepreneurial competence in the path taken. 

What has guided us in these fifty years of corporate life?

The entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes the small Italian business world of MADE IN ITALY quality, the relationship with our customers that we try to satisfy with customised solutions and supplies, the search for stimuli with new products and in new markets, and the contribution of reliable stakeholders who participate in the life of the company. We believe that human capital and networking are indispensable 'ingredients' for constant and continuous growth over time and to meet the challenges posed by the globalised market and today's increasingly unpredictable marketplace'.

Matteo Cattani, Co-Managing Director R&D Manager


In a medium- to long-term perspective, SLIM will continue to explore emerging technologies, exploit digital transformation and develop solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

It is with this in mind that we continue to invest in new systems to optimise the entire production cycle and research and development activities in order to ensure efficient company management. One of SLIM's primary objectives is to expand and update the signalling range, integrating it with electronics, to provide increasingly innovative and efficient solutions.

Today, we operate in a very dynamic environment where markets change rapidly and we also try to seize and make our own the trends that will shape the future.

SLIM's success would not have been possible without the contribution of employees, business partners and 'loyal' customers. The team's commitment, dedication and experience have been instrumental in achieving important milestones until today with this special anniversary. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our 'journey'. We are grateful for the opportunities we shared and proud of our achievements.


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