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Bar lighting: the new solutions

In the illumination and luminous decoration of a venue, the selection of lights and light points, along with fixtures, furnishings, and accessories, play a fundamental role: they contribute to creating a distinctive atmosphere and style.

In recent years, there has been a reconsideration of the interior design of bars and restaurants by designers and architects. From essential industrial style to retro-chic charm, the setup of a bar can be influenced by choices regarding lighting and illuminated solutions. The shape, material, and size of the fixtures must be consistent and harmonious with the desired look and atmosphere of the venue.

Lighting plays an active role in this redesign of the aesthetic appearance of the venue, as it contributes to defining the style and character of the space. What are the latest trends and innovations in bar lighting? Let's find out together.

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Lighting for bars: innovative proposals

In a bar, pastry shop, cafeteria, or lounge bar, the combination of light sources must be carefully studied to maximize each venue element, focusing on the key points of the specific restaurant activity. The type of bar lighting must be calibrated according to the identity characteristics of the venue. First of all, it is necessary to evaluate if it is a predominantly daytime or evening activity. We proceed with the choice of the light sources and the actual lighting design. The angle and intensity of the light source must be correctly calibrated so that the light falls on the right details and areas of the venue and the objects you want to highlight.




Bar counter lighting is certainly one of the most important points: the bar counter is the centre of the bar and, thanks to soft and welcoming light, can attract more customers. One of the innovative bar counter lighting options is fibre optics. The side-emitting light optic fibre is a flexible sheath that can be used as an aesthetic detail to mark the contours of the counter or as a signaling device for the refrigeration unit. It is also a very favorable solution to use in these contexts due to its total impermeability.

A slim optical fibre guide is the ideal solution for backlighting niches as well. This choice helps to highlight the objects displayed within these small spaces (bottles, glasses, or furniture), creating a visually engaging atmosphere.

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Other areas to be highlighted are the display cases and the equipment itself displayed on the counter. As far as product displays are concerned, think of pastry shops and cafeterias: thanks to better lighting they will be able to enhance the quality of the food on offer. In this case, ultra-thin LED RGB-W light profiles can provide the right illumination to transform shop windows from mere product containers into true design elements.

For a simple, minimalist yet impressive light, LED strips or LEDs mounted on special printed circuit boards (PCBs) are also a good solution for backlighting shelves and bottle displays.


Backlighting shelves


LED lighting for bars

When defining their lighting design, professionals in the restaurant and bar lighting sector are increasingly focusing not only on aesthetics but also on sustainable solutions. Among the green lighting proposals, LED is the best light source thanks to energy-saving, minimum heat production and longer life of the source.

Therefore, LED lighting for bars is recommended in many situations, including the lighting components of professional equipment. Innovative solutions for the food-equipment sector include micro-LED spotlights, and high-efficiency, low-power lighting systems that are ideal for integration into dispensing equipment in bars. Micro-LED spotlights can be placed inside coffee machines, juicers and dispensers of water or other liquids, in the dispensing area to illuminate the preparation of the drink, adding an aesthetic touch to the device.

The integration of a light source within the applications displayed on the counters of bars, besides being functional for some purposes, contributes to the overall attractiveness of the venue for visitors and customers. 

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In conclusion, the illumination of a bar is no longer simply a matter of functionality, but rather a key element in creating evocative experiences for customers. With the advent of advanced technologies and innovative designs, bar owners have a wide range of options available to create unique and engaging environments that stand out. Whether it's a trendy downtown bar or a cozy neighborhood café, lighting plays an essential role in shaping the identity and atmosphere of the venue. All that remains is to choose the lighting solution that suits your needs.

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