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Micro-LED spotlights

In the vast panorama of lighting devices, we also find micro-LED spotlights, which have helped to redefine the way rooms, furniture and individual appliances are lit.
Micro-LED spotlights are very small light indicators containing a LED source, which operates at full power to visibly illuminate the required area.

While LED spotlights can be installed on floors, walls, ceilings and false ceilings indoors or outdoors, micro built-in LED spotlights are small luminous devices that are inserted as light points inside appliances and furniture where there is very little space. They are used when a light source is needed within an application, whether it is a functional or purely aesthetic solution.

What are the advantages of using this type of light indicator? What micro spotlight solutions does SLIM offer? Let's find out together.

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Micro built-in LED spotlights: what are they?

Micro built-in LED spotlights are very small spotlights, from 12 to 18mm in diameter, with a SMD LED source inside and, usually, a metal or plastic body. Ideal for the whole sphere of interior lighting and product design, they are devices capable of illuminating a specific area without the light being excessive or annoying.


Micro built-in LED spotlights are inserted into the panel of the application to illuminate a specific area of the machine with a signalling function or simply to highlight some of the main functions of the machine as a designing lighting source. Micro-LED spotlights can be inserted, for example, inside the panel of a coffee machine in order to illuminate the body of the machine, as in one of SLIM's latest creations, Lighting for coffee machines: the innovation of LED light.

The micro spotlight connection can be made via PVC cable, silicone cable or faston.
In addition to being a simple type of installation that can be used in a wide variety of end-use applications, the advantages of choosing micro-LED spotlights as a lighting solution include:

  • high luminous efficiency;
  • low energy consumption thanks to the LED source;
  • the safety of the device which has a low voltage;
  • the low working temperature of the circuit, which prevents overheating of the final application;
  • the possibility of customization according to customer requirements.

Let's take a look at the solutions SLIM has to offer.


SLIM's micro spotlights: discover the range

Starting from some market requests, SLIM has developed two types of micro-LED spotlights, which in turn, can be adapted and customized. The SLIM recessed spotlight is suitable for applications in various sectors: coffee machines, food equipment including ovens, hoods and hobs, washing and vending machines.

The TB012 CSK model is a micro-LED spotlight with high efficiency and high luminous intensity. It was created thanks to a custom project for a client who needed to insert a light point in the dispensing area of a coffee machine. The power of the light required had to be such that it would be visible even when the application was used in a poorly lit room.

Thanks to the collaboration with Luxelt S.r.l. for the realisation of the LED microcircuit, SLIM has succeeded in designing a plastic case in which to insert the LED and create a spotlight with reduced dimensions. In fact, this spotlight is so small that it can be inserted into a 12mm hole. Inside the head of the lens is the LED circuit which operates at full power and the light is such that it visibly illuminates the required area under the required conditions. Using a lux meter, we found that the brightness provided by the new light indicator is more than ten times higher than that provided by a standard LED light operating at full power.




Having found that this model was appreciated, but also had some critical points, SLIM carefully studied the situation and proposed an improved version. The weak points were mainly: the protrusion of the lens head, which is 10 mm thick, and the point at which the lens head is glued to the light indicator body on the outside of the panel. The solution that SLIM proposed is the TBF018 CFK model, a micro-LED spotlight with a flat head, high efficiency and high luminous intensity.

To address these issues, the diameter of the light indicator body was enlarged from 12mm to 18mm and the LED circuitry was moved inside the light indicator body. This made it possible to reduce the protrusion of the lens head outside the panel to less than 3mm. In addition, a new lens was designed to act as both the body and lens of the light indicator. In this way, it was possible to eliminate the connection point outside the panel and have only one point of union (positioned inside the panel) between the lens/body and the connection support. The new light indicator, therefore, has the smallest possible vertical dimension.

Depending on the customer's final application requirements, the products can be customized in terms of size, shade and wiring.

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