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Catering 4.0: the restaurant of tomorrow is already here

The transformation of the catering sector has never been as fast as in the last few years, which have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The revival of the catering sector seems to be taking place increasingly focused on new technologies, digitalisation and sustainability, leading to a change in all aspects of the catering business and the entire professional appliance chain.

From digital menus, food-delivery and payment systems with evolved tills, to state-of-the-art equipment for kitchen preparations, digital innovation is the keyword for the restaurant of the future.

We are facing the consolidation of a recovery that in some ways is still full of questions. What does catering 4.0 have in store for us? Let's try to shed some light on technology and catering.


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Technology and catering

Catering 4.0 is based on a strategy of using digital transformation processes to standardise cooking and food preservation methods, reduce waste and management costs and, consequently, improve performance. Today, technology is a fundamental ally in restaurants: it simplifies work in the kitchen, while at the same time respecting the environment. The companies in the sector that have understood these potential advantages are investing in the computerisation of all restaurant activities, changing the organisation of the kitchen layout and redefining the professional equipment of cooks and chefs.

What are the changes that have taken place in venues thanks to technology for catering?

1. The IoT (Internet of Things) system for smart ovens

Technology applied to ovens allows cooking functions to be controlled and optimised according to the load inserted and other parameters such as the preheating temperature.

2. IoT at the service of coffee machines

App and Bluetooth connection integrated into the new professional coffee machines allow the operation of the device to be controlled remotely. In this way, operators can accurately adjust coffee brewing settings and manage equipment maintenance remotely.

3. The introduction of data-driven cooking

The data collected by the new control systems allow the correct functioning of the equipment used in the kitchen to be monitored and managed remotely.

4. Artificial intelligence applied to refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment equipped with digital panels with Wi-Fi connection allow remote control of the switching on, switching off and temperature of the refrigerator.

Refrigeration equipment


To confirm this trend, Fipe-Confcommercio (Italian Federation of Public Establishments) and EFCEM Italia (association member of Confindustria) are promoters of the Ristorazione 4.0 project for the relaunch of the HoReCa sector, which provides incentives and tax breaks for entrepreneurs in the catering sector who decide to make their professional tools more efficient, focusing on energy-saving and digitalisation in the field of catering technology.


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Innovation and catering for a new start

The relaunch of the HoReCa sector is taking place in full view of the opportunities offered by the latest technological applications designed for a new catering model. The equipment of the future is a combination of technological innovation and sustainability, but also takes into account the aesthetic aspect of design.
Equipment manufacturers must make the right choices in order to manage and guide this ongoing change. The current challenge for the food equipment sector is to be able to combine the aspects of connectivity, environmental respect and energy saving. These are some of the issues that emerged during the series of meetings held at Fiera Host2021, the international hub par excellence dedicated to the world of hotel and food service, held from 22 to 26 October in Milan. For professionals in the sector, it was an opportunity to explore the theme of innovation in the catering industry, shedding light on the latest innovations and technologies in terms of equipment. There was talk of new electronics and hi-tech machinery with automated functions, but also of equipment with renewed aesthetic lines to meet functional, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects.


Catering 4.0


SLIM can support companies in the HoReCa sector by offering different possibilities to customise kitchen equipment, through a proposal of innovative lighting components and solutions focusing on energy saving. Panel light indicators (standard or vandal-proof), micro LED spotlights and optical fibre light profiles are just some of the solutions that can be integrated into new professional equipment, supporting functionality and aesthetics.


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