• Over 40 Years of Experience, a State-of-the-art Know How

    SLIM S.r.l. was founded in 1973 and it has since grown strongly specialized in electrical, electrotechnical and electromechanical components, thus developing a state-of-the-art know how that has brought it to cooperate with many large Italian and foreign companies. SLIM S.r.l works in close collaboration with those companies and it constantly improves its product technology and quality, therefore it is able to meet any type of need coming from the specific sector by providing guaranteed quality, standard or customized products.

  • The Future Has Already Started, Can You See It?

    We are ready to change and open to innovation, we focus our investments to optimize our corporate processes and to strengthen research and development of new lighting technologies.

  • Customized Solutions

    The expertise we have developed over the years enables us to respond promptly to issues that may surface during the development stage. That is the reason why we offer innovative solutions.