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SLIM at the Host fair 2023

The 43rd edition of HostMilano confirmed the leadership position of the fair as a global landmark for innovation in professional hospitality, in the away-from-home sector and in food retail. The event attracted approximately 180,000 professional visitors. Over 42% of them came from 166 countries, pointing to a significant international impact: Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, but also from regions of North and South America, the Gulf countries and Asia. The significant figures of the 2023 edition also include the number of exhibitors: this year, more than two thousand companies presented to the public of buyers and professionals their solutions, featuring a high degree of innovation and sustainability. SLIM S.r.l. was among the exhibitors who took part in the 43rd edition. As Italian manufacturers in the sector of light indicators and switches and designer lighting devices, we showcased the latest innovations in terms of components for the HoReCa sector and professional coffee machines.

Un evento di rilevanza fondamentale durante il quale gli operatori del settore hanno avuto l'opportunità di entrare in contatto con le tendenze emergenti e di rimanere aggiornati sulle nuove evoluzioni che stanno definendo il panorama dell'ospitalità e della ristorazione. Quindi, quali tendenze sono emerse alla fiera Host 2023? Qual è la proposta di segnalazione luminosa in risposta a queste tendenze? Scopriamolo insieme.

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Host 2023: trends and figures 

In 2023, the Host event highlighted the constant evolution of the hospitality industry, showcasing new technologies and design solutions that not only enrich the consumer experience, but also simplify management for operators in the industry.
In the field of HoReCa, design must include the synergy between design, technology and sustainability, and carefully consider the context in which the premises are located or must integrate with. Designers must focus in particular on the selection of materials and the construction of equipment, since the choice of furnishings also plays a significant role in terms of sustainability. These trends concern the whole industry and are particularly felt by Italian manufacturers, who hold a prominent position in this respect.

Indeed, with regard to the Italian industry, the estimates of the Research Office ANIMA Assofoodtec indicate that by the end of 2023, the value of food service equipment Made in Italy will have exceeded 4.6 billion Euro, with over 3 billion Euro accounted for by exports. Italy alone thus accounts for over 10% of the entire value of global production in the Professional Catering sector, globally valued by Future Market Insights at around 44 billion dollars (76 billion expected in 2032, with a 5.6% average increase).

Refrigeration equipment is especially prominent, with a value of 1,835 million Euro, 1,052 of which come from exports; machines and ovens for bread, biscuits, pastries and pizza, which account for 695 million Euro (460 from abroad); and espresso coffee machines, which contribute with 550 million (415 from exports). And the components produced by SLIM fit precisely in the light indicator solutions for this type of equipment.


The SLIM solutions at the Host 2023 fair  

As was the case in 2021, the Host fair was an important showcase for us also this year, enabling us to present our latest light indicator solutions for the HoReCa sector and appliances, both for household and professional use. At SLIM, we design and produce light indicator components that feature a high level of efficiency and an attractive design. In this context, the R&D laboratory plays a significant role, focusing on the analysis and application of the latest generations of LEDs and side-emitting optical fibres. We use specifically designed SMD LEDs, high performance side-emitting optical fibres, equipped with LED sources available in a diverse range of colours and intensities, and lighting papers for designer backlighting projects. We offer high performance solutions to our target customers for HoReCa applications. One example: the micro LED spotlights, ideal for lighting specific areas such as those for dispensing drinks in coffee machines, in dispensers or vending machines. Furthermore, we offer especially sturdy vandal-proof light indicator against mechanical and chemical stress. Finally, thanks to the innovative features of these light fixtures, we have introduced a range of indicator lamps based on SMD LEDs, suitable for all the main indicator needs, with a more minimal and neater design, also at low costs.

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