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SLIM S.r.l.: we are guided by light

In the current context of global competition, classic internationalization strategies are no longer sufficient to achieve a real competitive advantage. It is a good idea to activate all the resources deriving from each phase of the business activity: from the purchase polices, aimed at improving services, to innovative technological and commercial choices; from prompt decisions to punctual delivery, to quality without compromising on the products.

All these factors are focused on the supply chain policies implemented by the management at SLIM, and push the company towards continuous innovation.

In line with its very pragmatic vision, SLIM carries out its activity in collaboration with the customers, through the identification of their most complex requirements.

Furthermore, the continuous monitoring of the manufacturing cycle guarantees high quality products which, together with compliance with delivery times, highlight some of the strengths of the company. The specificity of the offer has allowed SLIM to enter, grow and establish itself on the international market: in fact, 40% of its turnover comes from export, 85% of which to Europe.

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SLIM S.r.l.: quality lighting solutions

The headquarters and production facilities of the company are in Biassono (MB), in one of the most productive and technologically advanced areas of Europe. SLIM employs 30 highly specialized people and can count on senior technicians with many years of experience in the field, who are supported by numerous junior engineers. The ability to produce solutions is what characterizes companies in the most advanced market end, but recognizing that the value of human resources is equal to the value of technological ones represents a plus for the success of one's mission. In recent years, in addition to significant investments in human resources, SLIM has also recorded a noticeable increase in R&D and production equipment.
The skills acquired by the technical staff allow the
company to work on a very wide range of final applications: from heating to household appliances sectors to lighting, medical devices and Ho.Re.Ca.
The company's versatility and the ability to produce older items allow SLIM to also supply a vast network of spare parts distributors. The life cycle of the products and the pressing request for customized versions act as a springboard, dissuading the company from the mere maintenance of consolidated advantages, but motivating it to define increasingly competitive strategies thanks to which top technological goals can be attained.

All this in full compliance with the procedures and with the commitment to a positive management of hi-tech waste, in full respect of the environment.

SLIM scrupulously adheres to Directive 2011/65 / EU (RoHS II) and European Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH) on environmental matters. As proof of the corporate belief in a sustainable future, a photovoltaic system has been implemented since 2012 for generating electricity.

SLIM S.r.l.: the stages of continuous growth


With the aim of giving the market increasingly advanced and efficient products, in the 2000s SLIM began to integrate LED technology in the production of indicators, even though the company has been relentlessly working on the technological innovation of its production range since its foundation in 1973. Production started with neon lamps in glass bulbs and electromechanical switches (the name SLIM is in fact the acronym of Società Lampade Interruttori Mercurio (Mercury Lamps and Switches Company). The new indicators were launched soon after, followed by the switches.

The robust design of SLIM products guarantees long life and reliable operation. The company possesses all the know-how needed to create the various product codes, outsourcing the bare minimum.

SLIM products: from neon to incandescence, up to the LED chip

SLIM's goal is to improve the lighting efficiency of its products and guarantee increasingly innovative solutions to become the reference point for European customers.

When product targets change, competitors also change. As a consequence, both the marketing and sales functions have recently been strengthened. However, the management believes that research and development, as well as production, must necessarily report to the marketing department, to ensure enhanced levels of synergy, efficiency and reactivity standards, maintaining or improving the flexibility that, to-date, has always been aligned with expectations.

Standard signalling codes continue to be produced under the banner of reliability, while materials and possible technical and design applications are studied for new products. The R&D laboratory plays an important role in this process, in which the use of the latest generations of LEDs and optical fibre are studied.

Research & Development

Alongside the more traditional lighting solutions, such as courtesy lights on household appliances, backlighting projects are being studied, especially the use of optical fibre (IP65 plastic is used for its flexibility).

In this case, the company's goal is to implement this technology in household appliances.

Since LEDs take up little space, it is possible to miniaturize the components and characterize it with a reduced emission surface with high efficiency levels, protected from electrostatic discharges, transients and overvoltages. Thanks to the innovative characteristics of these luminous bodies, SLIM has launched a range of LED-based indicators that can be used in all the main signalling applications, allowing simple and low-cost solutions. In fact, LED technology offers extraordinary flexibility to both developers and lighting designers.

The mass production of LED devices takes place in the facility of a sister company equipped with an SMT assembly line, which guarantees superior quality and represents a fundamental step in the transition to the manufacture of semiconductors-based lighting solutions. The LED devices manufactured by SLIM are equipped with an anti-luminescence circuit, which boasts unrivalled quality.

SLIM S.r.l.: two generations, one continuity

With Mrs. Raffaella Zambellini and Mr. Matteo Cattani, the Brianza-based company has now reached its second generation, a guarantee of continuity and entrepreneurial ability in facing a journey that started over 45 years ago.

Tradition and dedication are the values of the founding members, brought up to date with the same passion by the second generation, bearer of a vision focused on new technologies, which looks to the future without ever forgetting the remarkable historical background.

“The first neon indicators have been surpassed by the introduction of LED indicators”, commented Mrs. Zambellini, administrative director, “a constantly evolving technology that opens up new scenarios. The technological development of the last decade has fostered the implementation of innovative solutions and is the new key to understanding our market, allowing us to look beyond."

The company constantly invests in new systems to better manage the entire production cycle as well as the research and development activities.

The recent introduction of 3D printers in stereolithography allows the company to greatly enhance the prototyping activity, while the adoption of numerical control machines makes production even more flexible and efficient.

“We want to continue growing by developing the technological sector”, said Mr. Cattani, Quality Manager of SLIM, “consolidating the partnerships already in place and training our staff to constantly improve service and production”.

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