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MECSPE: what's new for the 2023 edition

The 21ᵃ edition of MECSPE, one of Italy's largest trade fairs dedicated to new developments in the manufacturing industry, which was held from 29 to 31 March in Bologna.

MECSPE 2023 was an unmissable meeting point for workers in the manufacturing industry and, this year, it recorded record participation: 59,845 professionals (+52% compared to 2022) visited the 13 exhibition halls at BolognaFiere.

What emerged at the fair? What innovations and technologies were presented for SMEs as SLIM? In this article, we present the highlights of MECSPE 2023 through the eyes of SLIM.


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MECSPE 2023: the rendezvous with manufacturing industry innovations

MECSPE is an important event for the manufacturing industry that has been dedicated to technologies and innovations for this sector for more than twenty years. Today, its main objective is the dissemination of innovations and tools useful for 4.0 training of professionals in the sector. During the 3-day event, explored the concept of innovation as one of the strategic assets to address the digital and green transition, which will have a major impact on industrial supply chains in various sectors.

This is what emerges from the words of Ivo Alfonso Nardella, President of Senaf the organising company of MECSPE:

The transitions that the industry is facing, in Italy as in the rest of the world, will change the face of the supply chain. That is why we are particularly proud of the large number of visitors to MECSPE, which is increasingly becoming a reference point for the manufacturing systems professional community”

Training, innovation and sustainability were the central themes of the 2023 edition and the focal points of the 13 exhibition and demonstration halls.

MECSPE 2023 developed along a path that guided professionals to discover the future of industry amid new technologies and innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry, with a focus on training, innovation and sustainability.

We at SLIM also took part in the fair as visitors in this journey into the future of B2B companies, to better understand what potential new technologies have and how they could help improve the production processes of an SME like ours. In fact, the opportunity is coming up for us to automate part of the production process to make it even more efficient. Within the exhibition areas, with countless technological solutions, we focused on Machines, Equipment and Production Systems to optimise efficiency. The visit to the fair was instrumental in understanding which companies, dealing with handling, robotics, artificial intelligence and exoskeletons 4.0, can provide us with the technology that a production department like ours needs. Our company constantly invests in new systems to better manage the entire production cycle and R&D activities, but in this new context, characterised by a widespread digital transformation of the market and industry, it is necessary to acquire the right skills for a redefinition of operational processes in a 4.0 transformation perspective.

Keep following us to find out what innovations will be introduced in our production processes for greater efficiency and quality. In the meantime, find out what machinery our plant has in view of Industry 4.0. Read the article on the introduction of the new automated co-moulding production cell.


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