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Die-sinking EDM: what it is all about

Over the past few years, SLIM's R&D department and production facility have been enriched with modern, high-performance tools, which enable them to actively collaborate with customers in the development of new products and innovative lighting solutions.

The renewal of the machine fleet is increasingly taking place within the framework of Industry 4.0
This term refers to the introduction of new production technologies and automated machinery that can improve not only working conditions but also the quality of the products on offer. 
With this in mind, a new interconnected die-sinking EDM machine was recently introduced: an ancillary piece of equipment to SLIM's moulding department, which allows an improvement in the level of service offered to our customers. Let's see why. 


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Die-sinking EDM machine: features and benefits

The die-sinking EDM machine is a large device that works to support the moulding department. Its function is to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on metal moulds, with a remarkable level of precision, or to create a mould from scratch for the moulding presses of the plastic polymers, from which some essential parts of our light indicators are made.

Die-sinking EDM: how it works 

Die-Sinking EDM works by eroding the starting metal material to produce shapes or cavities. The erosion of the metal is caused by electrical discharges that generate heat and sparks on contact with the metal part, all within an insulating liquid, hence the name die-sinking EDM. The dielectric fluid in which the machining takes place improves the process, as it allows for better conduction of electricity and, at the same time, removes the debris or waste produced. This results in surfaces that have a clean, precise and burr-free finish
Machining is carried out in an automated manner, according to the drawing requested at an early stage: the result is a metal mould hollowed out negatively for a plastic moulding machine. 

Within SLIM's lighting solutions, plastic components are very small devices that require high precision. The process of creating these elements is based on the synergy of 4.0 machinery expertly set up to make customised moulds, which will result in very small plastic components for the assembly of the light indicators. The die-sinking EDM is an Industry 4.0 machine, programmed to reproduce certain measurements and geometric shapes. Once the result has been determined, the machine is able to self-set the necessary parameters to obtain the required component and can then proceed to machining autonomously. 
The device is also connected to the company's management system, which allows the machine status and processing times to be constantly monitored efficiently and effectively.

Die-sinking EDM: the advantages

The main advantage of this machine is of course its precision. Particularly in the area of custom lighting solutions, when the customer requires a customised sign, the first prototyping can be done with the 3D printer, which, using a resin, provides the customer with a preliminary idea of the dimensions of the designed solution. To verify the actual performance of the light, it is necessary to have a prototype printed with the right polymer
This becomes possible by making a metal mould of the right dimensions with die-sinking EDM machinery, which is able to scratch and perform precise machining on metals. 
Another advantage of introducing this machine to our existing fleet lies in the improvement of processing times
The machine can be programmed and set for several consecutive machining operations without stopping. This can reduce the time to market, but not just that. In the event of changes in the dimensions of the moulded component, we at SLIM are able to act promptly to adapt the mould to the new requirements, without having to use partners outside the company. 
This internal step facilitates the workflow, ensuring that the new prototype is available in the shortest possible time. 


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