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We are able to develop personalized solutions on the bases of customer's specific requests. Any product in the catalogue has been created in order to meet a specific need. So, any time you can't find in our catalogue or website a product that features the necessary characteristics to meet your needs, please contact us: all requests will be studied and realized to offer the best solution.

  • CONNECTIONS. All solutions need to have suitable connections that maximize the easiest insertion, the assembly operations and eventual substitutions.
  • PLASTICS SUPPORT It is the connecting point between the light indicator and the customer's application, shape and size will be designed in order to have perfect insertion and fastening in the required point.
  • LIGHT-SOURCE It is the heart of the product. Defining the type of source and its related intensity is essential to obtain the best results.
  • LENS/DIFFUSER Spot or diffused lights, simple lightning or light signalling. Defining the shape and colour of such components will allow to reach the wanted light effect for specific application.

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