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Optical fiber: a design solution for the industrial product

Technology and design applied to industrial projects

SLIM has developed this product, the project of which resulted from a chance meeting - as often happens in the "world" of research - with a German company as a design light signaling solution with optical fiber emitting lateral light and printed circuits sources.

The German company with which SLIM collaborates, used optical fiber for the first time as an illuminating solution to signal a dance floor: for this project other technologies had been discarded over time for technical and space reasons.
After this first "artistic" implementation, the product has met with a certain success and has undergone several and important evolutions that have allowed its application in more demanding sectors in terms of performances and quality, such as the industrial manufacturing field.
Therefore, the German partner has specialized in the design and production of various light guide solutions for various sectors: from architecture to consumer electronics, to the automotive

SLIM developed the first prototype of the product at the request of an important Italian brand that produces professional coffee machines: a sector where today the demand for emotional design is high.
In fact, adding that "touch of light" to an industrial project can cover the final product with that emotional effect that distinguishes it: light - in this context - can be synonymous of purity, elegance and technology.
During the development of the product, the aesthetic needs initially clashed with technical challenges of seeking homogeneity and high customization of the fiber. Hence, the need to produce optical fibers that could meet the customer's needs: defined and limited spaces, tolerance to particular temperatures, specific bending angles, resistance to shocks or aggressive agents, intensity and homogeneity of light.
Therefore, processing tools were settled to allow modifications: the material of the outer shell compound, the production set-up, the external diameter, the length, the flexibility and the type of connection to the light source or sources, as well as to regulate the diffusion of light. The product has been given unique characteristics, which leave a large margin of freedom for the designer's creativity.
The effects of texture, color and movement are also appreciable.

Compared to other optical fibers, this solution stands out for its homogeneity and the significant absence of light points, even in the most accentuated bending angles: thanks, in fact, to the high quality of the product, no slippage or drops of color and light intensity occur.
In addition to efficiency and aesthetic performance, there are the advantages of a technology without tooling charges, with low initial and limited costs as well as flexible development times.

For these projects SLIM, thanks to decades of experience in light signaling, develops light sources, in the range of LED and printed circuits colors, according to the requirements of the final design: intensity, color, tone, play of movements and shape.
Since 1973, the company has been successfully operating in the light signaling sector, supplying different industries: household appliances, in particular for the cooking and coffee machines sector, HO.RE.CA, lighting, HVAC, just to name the most important ones. In some of these sectors in recent years there has been a tendency to enhance their products through the search for aesthetic details as a distinctive feature of their brand.
To this need this SLIM solution wants to respond, where Italian creativity and German performance merge into a product of high aesthetic and technological value.

If you are looking for this added value for your projects, SLIM is the right partner: the company will be happy to respond to your requests and investigate any prototyping proposals of yours.


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