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Excellence in design: SLIM collaboration to the realization of the new Gallery series of the Hager Group

Gallery, a new wiring accessories range, has been awarded with a Janus de l'Industrie distinction by the French Design Institute

Slim has cooperated to the realization of the  "Gallery" series with a backlighting customized system of high design.

On September 2018 the French Institute of Design (IFD) -  which promotes design in the industry  - has awarded the "Gallery" with the prestigious "Janus de Industrie" award for its excellent qualities in the "5Es" criteria used to evaluate: economy, ergonomy, aesthetics, etchics and emotiions.

The jury members have rewarded the peculiar and excellent aesthetic qualities of the series, which has been available for both residential and commercial markets since last January: the light band, which is the result of our collaboration, the variety of colors and materials of the interchangeable contrasting underplates. 

Here below what the client and the French Institute of Design state about it:


From our part, we remain at your disposal for new customized retro-lighting projects and solutions!

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