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Design lighting for professional coffee machines

From light indication to design lighting

The professional coffee machine, among the top products of the MADE in ITALY for HO.RE.CA, is at the center of a growing and evolution path that involves design, performances and functions: it has started to be the protagonist within bars and coffee shops’ furniture.

Coffee machines

From these premises and on the basis of the different feedbacks and reports from our customers and dealers, SLIM R&D team is engaged in the development of new light indicators that give worth in terms of design and efficiency to the professional coffee machine. 

Making the appliance more in tune with the latest Interior Design trends in public spaces, LEDs are the protagonists of the restyling: they light up the worktop, focus the attention on the coffee preparation, enhancing the chromatic perception of the delivered coffee.

Starting from standard light indicators, we have been driven to develop models of LED light indicators at high lighting intensity: the higher efficiency than a standard light indicator allows a reduction of lighting points and, consequently, a reduction of the requested spaces. These solutions can be adapted to various cases and requirements, in relation to the specific technical, design and material’s requests. 

Please contact us about your back-lighting requests: we may develop high quality

and customized solutions in collaboration!