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The company welfare: a win-to-win policy

SLIM sets its own welfare plan

We have been talking more and more about Corporate Welfare, but what’s its meaning?
The Company Welfare does not have to be confused with a simple mechanism of remuneration of the results achieved, as for goals’ bonuses, but it can be considered as a package of benefits to sustain and reinforce the income of workers and improve the quality of their working and private life.
With this in mind, starting from this year, SLIM has decided to reward its employees with a set of services and actions: from healthcare to education, from supplementary pension provision to other types of services such as those connected to the recreational area (from the gym to travel to spare time courses)
A corporate welfare plan that ensures that the corporate social responsibility policy and the incentive plans for the employees are integrated to support the motivation, the interaction between personal satisfaction and business objectives and, last but not least, the reconciliation of private and working life.
This explains why Welfare is so appreciated by workers and companies ... in conclusion, it can be said that the corporate welfare is good for our employees ife wand is good for our company as well!!