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SLIM's partnership into the electronic components field

Business network to develop new products with SMT technology

SLIM has started a collaboration with LUXELT Srl of Calco, a company from Lecco with thirty years experience in the industrial electronics sector. This cooperation aims to develop new products using cutting-edge technologies.

The project starts with feasibility studies, on the basis of the analysis of the client's needs, and goes on with the search and verification of correspondence with the regulations in force, then continues with the preparation of the PCBs’ masters. Subsequently the prototypes are realized to give the customer the possibility to check the quality of the products.

Following the approval of the prototypes by the customers, we proceed with the production: we mount any electronic circuits in-house, either with traditional components or with SMD components, thanks to the use of a new automatic line consisting of a screen printing machine, a pick & place and an oven. We aim to guarantee production’s speed, product’s quality and reduction of risks and costs.

Finally, tests and trials are performed on each product with visual control, electrical-functional testing, insulation and conductivity test.

A synergy of companies to do the best from years of experience!