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Light platforms to illuminate Logos or Pay offs

A customized back lighting realization for professional coffee machines

The Company Madacaf International Srl, Italian leader in the manufacturing of professional coffee machines and in the design of commercial furniture for bars, restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors and already our client, during a meeting at the HOST catering fair in Milan asked us to create the backlighting of the wording "MULTICREMA 3 + 1" on one of their professional coffee machines.


In a first step, after a careful evaluation of the available spaces, we proposed a PVC container with two of our high-performance LED light indicators, located in the upper part of the case: the evaluation of the available backlight space has been crucial for the optimization of it.


PCV case


To the container, we applied a red glass to obtain the desired color and in order to protect the interior from any dust and/or coffee powder present in the external environment.



This solution lends itself to being versatile: in fact, it is possible to obtain the desired color of light simply by changing the glass or the LED color.


Some tests and verifications with the customer showed that this first solution had a margin of improvement: we work in fact in close contact with the customer to better respond to his requests that spring out during the collaboration.


It was therefore decided to replace the two luminous indicators with a high-performance LED strip to guarantee a more homogeneous light over the entire surface and to reduce the overall dimensions of the case.


In addition, two slides were applied to the case: one opal and the other red. The first to mask the luminous points of the LED strip, the other to give the red color to the space to be illuminated. The opal slide is supplied already glued to the case, instead, the colored one is separated to allow to change the color of the slide and, therefore, of the light emitted while maintaining the same light source.



To you the evaluation of the final result and ... good coffee!