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SLIM opens the doors to the students of the Cattolica University of Milan

Internationalization: a feasible path for SMEs

SLIM – as a member of A.P.I. (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises) with which we have an excellent long-standing associative and collaborative relationship – has started with Alfredo D'Angelo, Associate Professor of Economics and Business Management at the Cattolica University of Milan, a project in favor of the internationalization process launched in the last years.

The project is linked to the search for new foreign markets as a determining factor for companies' growth and MADE IN ITALY.

This is a work project developed within the course in International Business Management of the master's degree in Management, on which some Italian and foreign students are working on the basis of our company guidelines and needs.

We worked on the project trusting that the collaboration between business and universities can add value to both of us: we can take advantage of the innovative knowledge and initiative of young students who are approaching the world of work, while the students can apply what have learned on concrete cases starting to "get the pulse" on the productive reality.

A.P.I. has been decisive over the years in the challenging path of the company growth: we face the development of foreign markets and the challenges of doing business with the support of its services and collaborators.

At the end of the year, we will reap the first fruits of this project: we will share them with you and with the new international realities that we will have the opportunity to get in touch … thanks to the help of these enthusiastic and competent students!

Stay tuned!