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The love for cooking and the wit for innovation: MADE IN ITALY speaks up

A win-to-win solution in the kitchen between technology and design

The challenge

ILVE, an Italian brand of excellence in the production of professional cooking systems, but dedicated to the domestic market, has created PANORAMAGIC, an icon in the sector, whose restyling has been awarded by the Good Design Award in 2017. PANORAMAGIC is a line that includes cooking blocks , ovens and hobs and is designed by the Emo Design studio.

The back-lighting solution of the ovens and hob’s knobs of PANORAMAGIC, which light up in correspondence with the ignition of the oven or the burners, has not satisfied in terms of attention to detail ILVE, who dedicates maximum attention so that its collections are performing, versatile and reliable. In detail, the following were highlighted:

1) difficulty in positioning the back-lighting solution
2) the light was not conveyed within a support and its spread did not appear homogeneous.

The solution

ILVE, due to the relationship of trust established over time with our R&D technical staff, has submitted the problem to us.
The two staff have worked side by side to identify an improvement solution both in terms of efficiency and aesthetics that was in harmony with the environment, as per ILVE's "vision and philosophy".
We have therefore created a first PCB with performing LEDs that facilitates assembly and that emits a homogeneous light, in a red shade studied ad hoc following the indications suggested by Emo Design.

SLIM LED colour's study


In a second step, we have developed a customized light guide and ring nut, whose geometries were studied in relation to the space available, the components to be inserted and the type of polymer to be used: the printed circuit board has found an ad hoc accommodation for the inner ring nut and cables have had a dedicated outlet. 

SLIM  plastic case' studyThe study has been conducted involving the mold manufacturing company, so that all the open issues could be assessed.The production of a pre-series has fully satisfied the ILVE staff: the parameters of technical reliability, use of noble materials and aesthetic "strength" have been met.

A final evaluation phase of the opal color of the light guide followed (with the light off and on) in contrast with the color of the inclined dashboard: ILVE was fully satisfied with the final result.

Now PANORAMAGIC is ready to be switched on with renewed "splendour"!
Panoramagic photo: Art Direction Consilia

Dr. Gianluigi Freschi, CEO and General Manager at ILVE:
“In the development of the backlighting system of the Panoramagic knobs, we asked Slim for solutions capable of communicating two aspects that are strategic for us: perceived value and performance.
In the first case the result is of great scenic impact and faithfully reflects what the designers had defined as the chromatic tone of the light and the "temperature" of the colour.

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