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A win-to-win case in the lighting sector

Bticino, Gruppo Legrand

The challenge

Bticino is a renowned Italian brand, part of the Legrand Group, one of the most important world producers in the low voltage electrical equipment sector, with which SLIM has been collaborating for decades for the production and development of customized light signaling solutions. 

For the realization of LIVING NOW, the latest generation civil line natively connected, with an innovative design in shape and finishes, Bticino has contacted us for the development of the backlighting of the inverters.

The customer has put specific needs on the table in terms of light output and the need to avoid the use of light guides. 

The solution

The two R&D teams worked side by side, in the evaluation and implementation of different technical and design alternatives, to create the solution that best suits the “challenges”.

We started with a first white backlight version on printed circuit board (SMD technology): the development of the "right" color tone and the correct dimensions of the circuit, which had to be housed in defined spaces, required time, energy, and last but not least that pinch of creativity that even a technical context can require!

In fact, the aesthetic value is contained in the particular: in this case brightness!

Bticino, satisfied with this first white version, then invited us to develop a blue one too.

The experience gained has allowed us to reduce the development and definition times of the required shade. The elegant thread of light, a distinctive feature of the series of switches, to be used together with the Living Now Smart connected devices.

Then, the range required the development of a 127V variant, alongside the 230V one, to make it possible to use it also in countries that use this voltage, specifically South American ones.


To appreciate the aesthetics and validity of this solution, we just have to invite you to browse the Bticino catalog of the living now series at the link, to watch the video and contact us, if this story has "sparked" your interest!